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Surprisingly that little twisty bun stayed with nothing holding it— just a simple knot. I’ll have to try those. Her hair just started getting texture and bobby pins and hair bands just slip right out. I have to use rubber bands on her ponytails because of slippage! And thank you!





Fun History Fact: The overwhelming majority of cowboys in the U.S. were Indigenous, Black, and/or Mexican persons. The omnipresent white cowboy is a Hollywood studio concoction meant to uphold the mythology of white masculinity.

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Get the FUCK OUT


Chris Tucker hitting that Shmoney Dance


Staten Island, NYC: We Demand Justice for Eric Garner!

Sunday, July 20 - 5pm

204 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY 10301

Rally/Speak Out: Come out and stand in solidarity with the Garner family, friends and community to continue to create a voice that is loud and precise that it could not be ignored. 

On July 17, 2014 Eric Garner was approach by plain clothes officers from the 120th precinct. In the video that was taken by Ramzey you could see that Eric Garner was upset because he was targeted by these plain clothes officers before. He begs the officers to leave him alone and one of the officers waited for the opportunity to sneak behind Gardner and jumped up and place Garner in an illegal chokehold and Gardner slowly fell down to the grown while the officer still had the chokehold on him, then the same officer released Garner and put his knee on Gardner neck while he was screaming that he could not breath. Police continue to stay on top of Garner until he became motionless and died.

Eric Garner was murdered by Daniel Pantaleo, a plain clothes officer that put Gardner in an illegal chokehold. 

Police Patrol Guide: 203-11 states, “Members of the NYC Police Department will NOT use chokeholds”.

Brothers/Sisters in that community are tired of the abuse and they are tired of the police brutality they are facing in a daily basis. 

On Dec. 22, 1994 Anthony Baez was put in a chokehold by NYPD officer Francis Livoti from the 46 precinct and it ended with the death of Anthony Baez. Bill Bratton was the NYPD commissioner and when he was confronted by the Baez family in a town hall meeting, Bratton called the Baez family a bunch of fools. 

July 17, 2014 Eric Garner is put in an illegal chokehold by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo from the 120 Precinct and it ended with the death of Eric Garner. Bill Bratton is the NYPD commissioner and he said that people should not jump to conclusion until all the facts are out. 

As a mom I am torn between loving its length, thickness, and versatility and the struggle with detangling it daily! Look how adorbs it is in this messy bun! But it won’t last one hour with her running around! I want to cut it 💇 (it’s just past her butt) but I’m opposed by everyone else🙆🙅!



OMG I want the Squirtle tank top! 


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